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I want to help … what can I do?

During this time of crisis, we are truly seeing the strength and spirit of our communities. The response from individuals across the country has been overwhelming. We are grateful to the many individuals who have offered their time, energy and resources to support hospitals, health systems and our health care work force.

We appreciate all of your efforts and encourage you to visit the websites and social media accounts of your local hospitals and health systems to determine what needs exist and how you can best support them. At this time, hospitals and health systems have a variety of needs:

  • Donations of PPE
  • Donations of Supplies (disinfectants, wipes, etc.)
  • Monetary Donations

Protect the Heroes logo

Protect the Heroes

The AHA has partnered with The Creative Coalition and the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy to launch the “Protect the Heroes” campaign, which allows the general public to make direct monetary donations to America’s hospitals and health systems. Every dollar raised from Protect the Heroes goes directly to the donor’s choice of local hospital or health system to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and other support for their local organizations to fight COVID-19.

Individuals can visit www.ProtectTheHeroes.org and, with a single click, be connected to the website of a local hospital of their choosing and contribute to hospital emergency relief funds. Each hospital will determine where funds should be applied to make an important difference during this unprecedented time.

Other ways to help . . .

Our nation has come together with a desire to respond and meet the needs of our friends, families and communities. We invite you to support the many COVID-19 response efforts underway including:

Many other community organizations are providing COVOID-19 related resources and services.

CDC Guidance: Continue Taking Precautions to Protect Yourself

Given increasing evidence that infected individuals without symptoms can spread COVID-19, the CDC has put out important guidance to the public in the battle to reduce the spread of the disease.

In all cases where these masks are used, individuals should continue to protect themselves appropriately from the virus, which includes social distancing, limiting time with others, avoiding touching your face and handwashing, recommended by the CDC.

As organizations representing health care professionals and caregivers, we call on the public to be mindful of the need to ensure N95 respirators and medical grade face masks remain prioritized for—doctors, nurses and other front line caregivers and workers—and individual community members should use non-medical reusable masks, instead, as the CDC suggests.


Please read and review the information provided on this website before reaching out due to the large volume of inquiries. If you still have questions please call 800-424-4301 or click on the link below to fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.Thank you!

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