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100 Million Mask Challenge

How to find the supplies and resources you need


Hospitals and Health Systems

Thank you for the incredible work you are doing to care for our communities during this crisis. We are hearing from manufacturers and other members of the business community that they want to offer their assistance and help in keeping frontline health care workers safe.

Purchase/Procure PPE

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Intelligent Matching through the Marketplace: For institutions with funding that are able to meet minimum order quantities and payment terms, Project N95 matches them with suppliers who best suit their needs based on product availability, delivery lead times, and order quantity. An electronically managed, reverse auction site, the Marketplace allows suppliers to bid for requests sent in from anonymous, qualified buyers. Project N95 facilitates the transaction between buyer and seller end-to-end.

Aggregation for Smaller Quantity Orders: Intended to help resolve issues of inequitable access, this function opens up the market to smaller healthcare organizations that would otherwise have no ability to purchase PPE in the quantities they can afford. To keep costs low, provide accountability and transparency, and manage distribution, Project N95 facilitates group purchases for organizations seeking to buy PPE, enabling them to order in small quantities, down to a single box of equipment.

For more information, visit https://www.projectn95.org/.

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HealthEquip, the leading app to speed donated PPE to healthcare organizations, now enables the procurement of PPE from trusted sources in the HealthEquip marketplace.

This marketplace is the first of its kind to provide seller storefronts, managed finance flows, ability to keep and update pricing and inventory information and have a shopping cart experience, all with designed-in consideration for FDA and CDC/NIOSH certification requirements. It is available to currently registered hospitals and open to buyers from other segments. See the full press release here.

For more information, visit https://www.healthequip.com/.


Centerra (a Constellis company), with its partner has an exclusive distribution agreement with a global manufacturer, designer, and distributor of medical products. PPE shortages are currently posing a tremendous challenge to the First Responder and United States healthcare system because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically in response to COVID-19, we provide critical PPE and supplies for use by emergency management and healthcare professionals to protect themselves, patients, and others when providing care.

See PDF for more information on available PPE. Request a quote.


GovShop is working with AHRMM, National Governor's Association and the Department of Defense to provide the most comprehensive catalog of products and services for Covid-19. Buyers can search for vetted suppliers and also access pre-negotiated agreements with best in class pricing. Suppliers can register and claim their profiles to provide robust information on their capabilities. Visit GovShop.

Non-Traditional Suppliers Offering PPE and Other Critical Supplies

AHA, through The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) is vetting non-traditional suppliers that are offering PPE supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This process is being done in collaboration with GHX and uses the same tools, expertise and processes leveraged by its Vendormate solution that has been a trusted source of information to credential new vendors for more than 15 years. See more information and a list of these suppliers and their products.

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HealthEquip is a smart app that will match individuals and organizations donating PPE with local hospitals and health systems based on needs-criteria. The app also will track PPE donations and manage shipping through UPS to your hospital. To register and begin submitting requests for PPE, please visit www.healthequip.com. In addition, please view this video guide and frequently asked questions document for more information.

Partner Resources

Working with Manufacturers in Your Community

We encourage all of our hospitals and health systems to partner and coordinate with businesses in your communities that may have the equipment and ability to help produce much-needed personal protective equipment. While every relationship will be different, we urge you to think creatively and offer the following information to help guide your efforts.

Dynamic Ventilator Reserve Program

The Dynamic Ventilator Reserve is a public-private partnership between the American Hospital Association, the White House, FEMA, and leading group purchasing organizations. This program brings together health systems from across the country to contribute a portion of their ventilator fleets to share with hospitals experiencing shortages. If you’re a hospital or health system and have available ventilators to donate or want additional information, please visit the Dynamic Ventilator Reserve webpage.

Best Practices (PPE Information and Guidelines)

What We’re Seeing in the Field

The American Hospital Association and our partners continue to work to make sure that every health care provider can have access to much-need personal protective equipment (PPE) especially during this health care crisis. Information, policies, procedures and best practices around PPE are evolving quickly as the overall situation evolves. Here is a quick review of what we’re seeing in the field today with links, as available, for more information.

Discounts for Health Care Workers

As the women and men in America’s hospitals and health systems began the fight against COVID-19 on behalf of their patients and communities, a number of companies offered discounts to these front-line health care workers. The American Hospital Association (AHA) connected health care teams with discounts and offers to make these unprecedented times a bit more manageable. Thank you to the many businesses both large and small for supporting health care workers.

Please read and review the information provided on this website before reaching out due to the large volume of inquiries. If you still have questions please call 800-424-4301 or click on the link below to fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.Thank you!

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