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100 Million Mask Challenge

How businesses and manufacturers can get involved


Thank you!

First, a heartfelt thank you to the many business and manufacturers who are stepping up during this crisis to help keep health care professionals safe and protected as they deliver care on the front lines.

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Interested in donating PPE? New app will help coordinate and accelerate PPE efforts.

AHA is calling on manufacturers, the business community and individuals across the country to help assist in getting needed PPE to our nation’s health care heroes. To help coordinate these efforts even further, the AHA is pleased to announce we have partnered with Microsoft, UPS, Merit Solutions, Kaiser Permanente, Goodwill and consulting firm Kearney to launch Protecting People Everywhere, powered by HealthEquip™. HealthEquip is a smart app that will match individuals and organizations donating PPE with local hospitals and health systems based on needs-criteria. If you are a manufacturer interested in donating PPE to hospitals, please register here to share information about your supply and be connected with hospitals in need.

We want to help. What can we do?

First, thank you for the desire to help. We strongly encourage that you begin by reaching out to your local hospital or health system to see what their most immediate needs are and how you can best be of service. Additional information is included below to help guide your efforts, including a video that explains how Providence began to work with Kaas Tailored to design and produce surgical masks and face shields.

Below, we provide a sampling of design specifications that have been used by hospitals and health systems around the country. While we cannot attest to the efficacy of these design specifications, they can be used as a starting point as you develop PPE in coordination with local hospitals and health systems.

Already manufacturing PPE?

AHA, through The Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM) is vetting non-traditional suppliers that are offering PPE supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This process is being done in collaboration with GHX and uses the same tools, expertise and processes leveraged by its Vendormate solution that has been a trusted source of information to credential new vendors for over 15 years. If you are a supplier offering PPE and other critical supplies during this time, please contact us and we will provide you with more information.

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Calling Any Volunteer Engineers or Innovators

The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has created a severe shortage of PPE across the world. The supply simply cannot keep up with the demand. To respond to that need, the American Hospital Association is launching a call to action to increase production and distribution of PPE to health care workers across the country.

Together with Point A, we are calling for anyone who has technical or manufacturing experience and who is looking to help during this time of crisis.

Many manufacturers are closing their facilities or exploring how to reconfigure their facilities to produce PPE . . . and your engineering and innovation experience would be valuable. Consulting with manufacturers that need your help and your expertise will allow these manufacturers to start to produce much needed PPE and keep many employed.

Learn more about volunteering and please fill out this form if you are willing to help:


Providence’s Amy Compton-Phillips and Jeffrey Kaas of Kaas Tailored discuss how they began their partnership and share lessons for other manufacturers

Want to help but don’t know how?

If you are a manufacturer able to help, but need help connecting to a local hospital or need technical assistance with creating PPE or reconfiguring your facility, contact us. We will either respond with an answer or connect you with our team of volunteer engineers and innovators that can help. Please provide an in-depth explanation of your needs and capabilities.

Please read and review the information provided on this website before reaching out due to the large volume of inquiries. If you still have questions please call 800-424-4301 or click on the link below to fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.Thank you!

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